I used to want to fix people, but now I just want to be with them.

— Bob Goff.

Tommy Hilfiger – Abercrombie & Fitch – Hollister

The “popular” kids brand of choice. Well in my high school days anyway. In a recent reconnection with some old friends from high school, I found out that I was deemed as a popular kid. What’s so funny about that is, I wasn’t popular. To be honest, I’m the same guy today as I was back then. I try to fit in with everyone. I was never the type of person to exclude anyone. I tried my best to be inclusive, simply because I knew the pains of not fitting in. Whether it was because my family didn’t have the money for me to join the high school band, or maybe because I didn’t have the name brand clothes, or because my mom cut my hair because we couldn’t afford for me to go to the local barber. It wasn’t until I had a job and could afford things on my own that I began to buy the things that made me look like everyone else. Well the popular kids that is. But even then, I still knew what it was like to not fit in. Simply because once I began to buy “those brands”, it seemed that I became distant from the friends I had that dressed like me before I had money. So where did I fit in? My solution… right in the middle. I decided at an early age that I would treat everyone with the same mindset: “you’re cool with me”.

What’s interesting today is, it’s not necessarily clothes that separate people from other people. It’s color, politics, sexual orientation, and religion. But you know what? They’re still people. Whether you vote Democrat or Republican. Whether you’re a member of the LGBT community or not. Whether you’re “Black, White, Cuban, or Asian” (Will Smith reference) YOU STILL MATTER.

I think for me, early on I realized that everyone mattered. And they do. Every single day, everyone matters. But our society has our mind fixed to believe that WE are right – THEY are wrong. It’s a fixed mindset that needs to be addressed… immediately. Let me pose the question: How does someone else’s belief offend you? Is it because they’re not like you? Just because they don’t practice the same thing as you, doesn’t mean they are less of a person than you. And if you have that mindset, shame on you. We wonder why people have anxiety. We wonder why there are school shootings. We wonder why “black people” have such a grudge against police officers. It’s because people forget, people are people. Yet our mindset of supremacy or doctrine says because they “aren’t like us”, they need to be separated from us. If you want to see a world destroy itself, let us continue with this mindset. To push the issue further, when someone seems more intellectual about their belief that’s different than ours, we then begin to cower down, claiming to be the victim. When it’s ourselves that has pushed those that are so different from us to the edge. Why this rant? Why make a big deal of this? Because I finally see a people that are hurting. Yet not screaming for pity, but injustice. Let us quit viewing “them” as the issue, and view “them” as people. Because they matter.

So, I say to you; Everyone-Always

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